Cat Vaccination

We vaccinate against four main infectious diseases: Feline Enteritis, Cat Flu and Feline Leukaemia Virus. These diseases can be picked up easily from the enviroment and also from unvaccinated cats. They are contagious and can be life threatening, but needless to say they are preventable with the correct vaccination.

When your new kitten or cat comes to us for vaccination, they will recieve a full free health check which may help to pick up any health problems early and free flea treatment.

The vaccination course consists of two injections three to five weeks apart, and subsequent booster vaccinations of one injection each year thereafter. Your kitten is able to have the first vaccination no earlier than nine weeks of age, with the second at twelve weeks of age.

Dog Vaccination

Dogs may be at risk from many infectious and sometimes deadly diseases, protection from which is provided through vaccination.  Each dog should have an initial vaccination course of two injections two to four weeks apart, followed up with annual boosters. We recommend an 8 week start for vaccinations followed by the second injection two weeks later. These vaccinations provide effective protection against the four main life threatening deseases: Parvovirus, Distemper, Leptospirosis & Hepatitis, all preventable in a fully vaccinated dog!

At Robson & Prescott we provide a free puppy health check and free flea treatment along with your puppies first vaccinations.  This thorough health check helps detect any health problems early.

Vaccination is safe and reliable, giving your dog the best chance of a long, happy, healthy life.  We send out yearly reminders a month before your dogs booster is due.

No reputable kennels will board your dog without an up to date vaccine certificate.








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